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  • We Are No Strangers to the Northland’s Winters!

    Northland winters are not for the weak. With below zero temperatures and high wind chills, having a broken furnace during the winter is not an option. NORTHSTAR Heating and Cooling is here to ensure that you never have to brave the freezing temperatures inside your home with our comprehensive furnace repair and replacement services.

    We guarantee to keep your home comfortable regardless of how low the outside temperature drops. Make sure to call NORTHSTAR Heating and Cooling at the first sign of furnace trouble. We are here to serve the entire Northland area, along with the bordering areas of Wisconsin, with the expertise and enthusiasm our community deserves.

    Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Repaired:

    • Strange noises.
    • Pilot light problems.
    • No heat or not enough heat.
    • Blowing cold air.
    • Unexpected increase in your utility bill.
    • Water is pooling around your furnace.
    • Your thermostat isn’t working.

    If you notice any sign that your furnace needs to be repaired, call NORTHSTAR Heating and Cooling first. Our trained technicians are experts at furnace repair and maintenance. They will do a thorough assessment to find the most cost-effective solution to either repair or replace your furnace. Our technicians will provide a complete cost-breakdown and educate you on all your options before any work is done.

    Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced:

    Furnace trouble can come at the most inconvenient times. Our furnace technicians have offered up a few warning signs on how to know if your furnace needs to be replaced before it stops working completely. If anything on this list sounds familiar, call us for a complete assessment.

    • Your furnace needs frequent repairs.
    • It’s 10 years or older.
    • There’s a drop in your indoor air quality when the heater is on.
    • There has been a sudden spike in your utility bill.
    • It is taking longer to heat your home or there are pockets of cold.

    If you are experiencing problems with your heating system, call NORTHSTAR today at 218-628-9276!