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  • Selecting a Contractor


  • 5 Tips For Choosing the Right Contractor

    At NORTHSTAR Heating & Cooling we realize that choosing the right contractor for your heating and cooling needs is a big decision. We pride ourselves on setting the bar in customer service and quality work in our industry. Make sure you are getting the most out of your contractor with these five tips.

    • Check their credentials. In Wisconsin and Minnesota, HVAC contractors must have a license to qualify as a contractor. Their license number should appear on their website or be readily available if asked for over the phone. It is not unusual in trade services for handymen to say they are contractors but not be licensed for the service they are offering. This puts you and your equipment at risk should anything go wrong.
    • The bid or estimate should be made after an in-person inspection. No two heating and cooling systems are the same. A licensed contractor would need to inspect your equipment before being able to make an educated estimate. Be very wary of any estimates made over the phone. It is impossible for the service provider to truly know the extent of work needed without seeing it first. It could be a scam or lead to extensive hidden fees.
    • Experience isn’t everything. At NORTHSTAR Heating & Cooling, we have been licensed heating and air conditioning contractors since 199, but the work we do is constantly changing. Just as with any technology, HVAC systems continue to progress and become more complex. It’s important for the longevity and efficiency of your system to have both your equipment and service up-to-date.
    • Get a written contract. The bid or estimate should always be in writing and not a “verbal contract.” It should include a list of everything that will be done as well as the price. This protects you from hidden fees. At NORTHSTAR Heating and Cooling, we always guarantee upfront pricing.
    • Any new equipment should be up to date and properly sized. The contractor should not replace your old equipment with the same model that you had. HVAC equipment can last 15-20 years. You wouldn’t replace your car with the same exact year and model of car, right? Newer equipment has updated technology resulting in longer lifespans for your entire system and higher efficiency throughout your home.

    NORTHSTAR Heating & Cooling guarantees the best quality of work and upfront pricing for all our services. We believe in honesty, education and putting the customer first. If you cannot, for some reason, go through us, make sure to use these tips to find a contractor that is almost as good as we are!

    Need an experienced, licensed contractor? Call us at 218-628-9276 to start a conversation today!